A MESSAGE FROM the founder

A Message from the Founder

There have been many instances in our past and present when a change was inevitable. Back in 2001, there were lots of changes happening in the world and within the Pilates profession itself. The Pilates trademark lawsuit had been finalized, and a US Federal Court ruled that the word ‘Pilates’ is a generic term for a form of exercise. The ruling confirmed that ‘Pilates’ did not belong to anyone, nor could anyone claim the right to be the sole interpreter or owner of the amazing body of work that Joseph and Clara Pilates left the world. Since then, the Pilates method has shaken off its narrow name recognition and has grown significantly throughout the U.S and the rest of the world. And this growth has come with many more changes.

When the Pilates’ moved on from this life, they left very little in the way of material possessions or money. The reality is that the most powerful thing they left behind was the legacy that is the Pilates Method. Through the work that they shared from their single small studio space in NYC, they have touched the lives of literally millions of people. The Pilates’ held true to their beliefs and they planted and nurtured the Pilates ‘seed’ into the lives of their students – who in turn shared this body of work with new generations of others. Pilates grew organically. Not, of course, without its ups, downs, controversies, and setbacks. It is clear that our community and world is again in a new place – a place of change. We must embrace this change as inevitable. It is often uncomfortable and overwhelming – but at the same time growth-inducing and awe-inspiring. Despite all of these changes that are going on around us, I feel strongly that it is our continued responsibility to support the work and carry it forward.


We know that Mr. Pilates thought that the ‘whole world’ should practice his method. This single belief fueled his entire life’s purpose. The responsibility for fulfilling that purpose is ours and ours alone. The time has come for us all to be advocates for the Pilates Method and its many benefits.

The time is upon us to reach inside, center, then step out and give this work to the world. Let’s continue to share this gift of Whole Body Health and help heal our world one body (or group of bodies) at a time.

I am compelled to facilitate the continuation of this mission. The time is now! Join together to take the next step in the continuation of this journey.

It’s time for The Pilates Initiative!

—Kevin A. Bowen, Founder, The Pilates Initiative

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