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the pilates initiative

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the pilates initiative

support, outreach, education, advocacy

what is it?

The Pilates Initiative is a not for profit organization that dedicates its mission and outreach to support the professional Pilates community and the general public in the continued development and promotion of the Pilates method…

the mission

The mission of the Pilates Initiative is: 

  • to support, define and nurture the Pilates method and Pilates exercises professionals.
  • to educate and inform the general public about the many positive health benefits derived from the safe and effective practice and instruction of the Pilates method.
  • We respect and appreciate differences in gender, gender identity, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity, socioeconomic background, family composition, education, learning styles, race, religion, and other dimensions. We recognize that Pilates is for Every – Body, that inclusion is the way we should treat and perceive all differences, and our goal is to create an inclusive culture where all forms of diversity are valued.

get involved now

It’s time to advance Pilates for a new generation of practitioners and participants. It’s time to move Pilates into our communities. You can get involved today by becoming a member, and we’ll soon have the ability to accept corporate and other sponsorships.


Become a Member of The Pilates Initiative today by clicking on the link below.

Your membership is vital to help us start down a new road for the Pilates community!


We are currently developing corporate and other sponsorship opportunities, so check back here soon or contact today.

Corporate & philanthropic support to make manifest our mission.


  • PILATES INITIATIVE COMMUNITY CLASSES – will provide a source for free or reduced class pricing in communities throughout the US.
  • PILATES RELIEF FUND – a fund to assist members of our organization who are the victims of either a natural disaster, extenuating economic or health hardship. The fund can be accessed through an annual application process. More information will soon follow on the application process.
  • CAMP PILATES™ – will create children’s Pilates programs and advance the method to a new generation.
  • MOVE WELL THRIVE OUTREACH – We will create programming for our aging demographic to help improve quality of life.

Programs to bring Pilates to even wider communities.

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Black Lives Matter

The Pilates Initiative Statement to the Community

During this highly emotionally, politically, and racially charged time, many of us have reflected on our lives, history, beliefs, attitudes, and place in this world.

It feels as if there are no words for this world that is literally tearing itself apart. This feeling has led us to fear saying the wrong thing – which we know is part of the problem itself.

We want to be thoughtful instead of thoughtless, sincere instead of tone-deaf and clear and direct instead of measured and scripted.

We sadly understand that nothing that is happening is new.

We understand that the unjust events happening in the US, not only happen here but also in other parts of the world; those of indigenous descent and BIPOC human beings who have experienced racism and xenophobia in all of its forms have suffered due to insensitivity and ignorance,

These deep-seated prejudices and biases have permeated into our Pilates profession and are no longer acceptable and must be addressed directly, thoughtfully, and in the context of making an immediate meaningful change.


Here is our promise:

  • We can’t claim to understand but we can listen and hear.
  • We can’t pretend this is not a global issue, we can accept that this is systemic and intrinsic and at times we of the privileged group are part of the problem.
  • We can speak up when it is appropriate.
  • We can remain silent when it is not our time to speak, knowing these are not our stories or experiences to share.
  • We can share our profound sorrow and heartfelt empathy while ensuring every voice can speak and be heard.

It is not about us.

It’s about you.

We’re sorry for not speaking sooner. We commit to beginning a dialogue and change NOW.

Kevin A. Bowen
Andromeda Stevens
Lahela Hekekia
Pat Guyton
Patricia Welter

The Pilates Initiative

support, outreach, education, advocacy

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As we begin this new journey, we'd love to hear from you! You can contact us at the email below, or you can submit a message with the form to the right. This effort is going to take the entire community so we look forward to your thoughts, questions and input.


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