the pilates initiative

support, outreach, education, advocacy

The results are in! 

Thanks to all of you who took the time to take our Industry surveys. The results are in and can be viewed by clicking on the links below:




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the pilates initiative

support, outreach, education, advocacy

the PILATES initiative

The Pilates Initiative (TPI) is a not for profit organization that dedicates its mission and outreach to support the professional Pilates community and the public at large in the continued development, education and promotion of the Pilates method.

The Pilates Initiative is currently seeking committed Board members to serve various terms. These Board members will support, define and direct the growth of the organization.

The Pilates Initiative is a registered not for profit corporation through the state of New Mexico and is designated as a 501 (C) 3 Corporation by the IRS.

If you are interested or know someone who may be interested in serving our growing organization please contact:

…To support our Pilates community

what is it?

The Pilates Initiative is a not for profit organization that dedicates its mission and outreach to support the professional Pilates community and the general public in the continued development and promotion of the Pilates method…

the mission

The mission of the Pilates Initiative is: 

• to support, define and nurture the Pilates method and Pilates exercises professionals.

• to educate and inform the general public about the many positive health benefits derived from the safe and effective practice and instruction of the Pilates method…

get involved now

It’s time to advance Pilates for a new generation of practitioners and participants. It’s time to move Pilates into our communities. You can get involved today by becoming a member, and we’ll soon have the ability to accept corporate and other sponsorships.


Become a Member of The Pilates Initiative today by clicking on the link below.

Your membership is vital to help us start down a new road for the Pilates community!


We are currently developing corporate and other sponsorship opportunities, so check back here soon or contact today.

Corporate & philanthropic support to make manifest our mission.


We have two programs that will be the inaugural outreach of The Pilates Initiative:

  • PILATES INITIATIVE COMMUNITY CLASSES – will provide a source for free or reduced class pricing in communities throughout the US.
  • PILATES RELIEF FUND – a fund to assist members of our organization who are the victims of either a natural disaster, extenuating economic or health hardship. The fund can be accessed through an annual application process. More information will soon follow on the application process.

Two additional programs are in development now. If you’d like to help with these programs, please contact

  • CAMP PILATES™ – will create children’s Pilates programs and advance the method to a new generation.
  • MOVE WELL THRIVE OUTREACH – We will create programming for our aging demographic to help improve quality of life.

Programs to bring Pilates to even wider communities.

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The Pilates Initiative

support, outreach, education, advocacy

Contact Us

As we begin this new journey, we'd love to hear from you! You can contact us at the email below, or you can submit a message with the form to the right. This effort is going to take the entire community so we look forward to your thoughts, questions and input.


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